Hello Everybody, this is Jenny here Founder of Sweet tooth Bakes. Baking has developed into a Passion in the last 10 year, especially after the birth of my Daughter Hadiya & reached its peak with Yash. In the pursuit of providing her snacks for school, I toppled on a Revelation as to why buy her store-bought goodies and not make my own. This is how it all began, the need to feed my Kids right!!!

So for any new Job, you need some kind of Education or Experience…isn’t it? But I had none nor did I come from a family of great  Bakers who could pass down ancestral recipes or guide me, so I had to venture on this journey all by myself, loads of Books last but not least my Youtube Guru. Would pick up all her favourite goodies from the supermarket, bring it home read the ingredients and Research on them….only to realize that everything that came out of the packets was loaded with Chemicals, Preservative, Emulsifiers, Gelatin, Fillers and what not. As the awareness grew, so did the desire to make everything from my own hands for them, after all, they are the Apple of our Eyes.

So far so good!!!

In 2016 we decided to move back to Bangalore, our home town after a long stint abroad. There came a time, where I was absolutely not able to cope with my IT Job, manage the Kids, manage the traffic, the pollution……the List goes on, and hence quite my Job and Natural Sweettooth Bakes was born Jan 10th 2017. It took nearly 6 months, to source all the raw ingredients (in this pursuit realized how adulterated our food system is, it’s just alarming and mind-boggling)…the one foundation thing that I didn’t want to compromise. We use 100% pure ingredients in each and every product that goes out of our Kitchen available locally and internationally.

We use only pure, natural, and mostly organic ingredients, with no chemicals, preservatives or adulteration of any kind. Our creations range from customized wedding & celebration cakes, decadent desserts, to healthier options on everyday bakes, made with only nature’s goodness...

My Dream Clients

  • One who gives us a free hand to do the Best.

  • Who is aware of what we are doing and the reasons behind it ( https://sweetoothbakes.in/pages/faq ).

  • Who cares about their Family, Friends, Environment above all Agriculturists.

  • Who takes out time a week or 2 in advance for deciding for a particular event, and not call 4 hours to the event to order a cake (there are many places who could fulfil that kind of requirement). We require a minimum 48 hrs of a heads up.

Our philosophy is simple – "We bake for your family and loved ones, the way we bake and cares for our own".


Please read the FAQ Page before placing the orders, this is very important  so that we do not waste each others precious time @ https://www.sweetoothbakes.in/baking-classes

Please read our Blog @ https://www.sweetoothbakes.in/blog