Dairy Whipped Cream v/s Non Dairy Whipped Topping, what's the Difference and why we don't use them i

Updated: Jul 28

What is Whipped Cream? Whipping cream, also called heavy whipping cream, is whipping cream with a milk fat content of between 36 and 40 per cent. Whipping cream will double in volume when whipped.

However, some of you might still wonder what are the differences of fresh cream, whipping cream, heavy cream and what is the real meaning of whipped cream? Fresh cream is the type of cream mostly found in local dairies made in homemade style and usually offered with limited expiration date while whipping cream and heavy cream are those commonly found in supermarket offered in various brands and longer expiration date.

The difference between whipping cream and heavy cream is the content of the fat, heavy cream has a higher content of fat than whipping cream. So, what is whipped cream? Whipped cream is the form of those creams after they are being whipped which give you delicious cream with a light and fluffy texture.

Nutritional Value of Whipped Cream

Whipping Cream

Serving Size: 1 cup (230 g)


168 g


455 kcal


455 kcal

Calories from Fat

400.5 kcal


5.61 g – 11.22%

Total Fat

44.5 g – 127.14%


10.65 g – 8.19%

Total Sugar

7.84 g


Vitamin B1 – Thiamin

0.046 mg – 3.83%

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin

0.386 mg – 29.69%

Vitamin B3 – Niacin

0.214 mg – 1.34%

Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic Acid

1.086 mg – 21.72%

Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine

0.094 mg – 7.23%

Vitamin B9 – Folate

14 µg – 3.5%


44.2 mg – 8.04%

Vitamin B12 – Cobalamine

0.48 µg – 20%

Vitamin C

2.1 mg – 2.33%

Vitamin A

285 µg – 40.71%

Vitamin E

0.87 mg – 5.8%

Vitamin K

3.4 µg – 2.83%



232 mg – 23.2%


0.16 mg – 2%


23 mg – 5.48%


175 mg – 25%


288 mg – 6.13%


71 mg – 4.73%


0.76 mg – 6.91%


0.041 mg – 4.56%


0.034 mg – 1.48%


8.5 µg – 15.45%

Fatty Acids

Total Saturated Fat

23.32 g

Total Monounsaturated Fat

10.56 g

Total Polyunsaturated Fat

1.84 g

When it comes to fat, the lower and the higher of fat content is really matter. That’s why the choice of whipping cream and heavy cream for some people is really important but some product of heavy cream offers you with more delicious taste because of the higher fat content. However, fat is not always a bad thing because no matter what, our body still needs fat to produce energy. The key is only consuming them in the right amount. Indeed, here are the health benefits of whipped cream:

Creams like Elle&Vire (available in India) have a fat content of above 35.1% and whip very well. And the price is around RS 400 for 200 ml…..pretty expensive isn’t it?

There is an option in Amul too but the fat content is only 30%, as a result, it not idle for filling and frosting a cake, you can use it for making puddings or custards.

What is NON- Dairy Whipped topping?

The nondairy topping is made from oils such as partially hydrogenated coconut and palm oil, and sweeteners such as corn syrup. Water and preservatives are also usually added. The earliest toppings were made from soy, but these were found to have a shorter shelf life than those made with oil. The partially hydrogenated oils used in most modern versions are associated with an increase in bad cholesterol due to trans fats.

Here's 3 most Common Form of Non-Dairy Topping 1)Cake Coating

2) Cake Filling

3) Ice Cream (Non-Premium Ice Cream) Here's 3 Reason Why most F&B industries use Non-Dairy Topping: 1) Cost Effective *It's about Profit & killing your health Cheaper Alternative to Dairy Cream Produce more yield than Dairy Cream 2) Long Shelf Life Last 2 times longer than Cream *So the Cake can stay alive longer and be sold to you Can be frozen unlike Cream * Stock up frozen goods -> Defrost -> Sold to you as Freshly Made! 3) Stability Hold its Shape very well unlike Cream So your cake will look sexy despite being display for a week Withstand Warmer Temperature *To Ease Transportation

Ingredients in Non-Dairy whipped topping

- It's Vegetable Oil + Chemicals + Artificial Flavor & Color = Artificial Cream

- It's was originally created for people who are Lactose Intolerance, however, it was exploited due to its profitability

DO you know 99% of the so-called Fresh Cream cake we consumed in India is Non-Dairy Topping?

Isn’t shocking it? This is what I learned once I moved back to India. Firstly people are not aware that there cakes and pastries are loaded with chemicals, secondly, there are no Indian vendors who cater to the requirement of Dairy Cream, as we haven’t created that kind of demand.

Have tried Milky Mist and Niligris whip cream which claim 40% butterfat, but they taste so bad and have their shelf life is even worst. Next time before you purchase any cake for yourself or as a Gift for those Dear to you, Think Twice! The sad truth is that we were raised accustomed to Non-Dairy Whipped topping in most of our cakes. Forget about the consumer, Even some chefs can't tell the difference between these products.

I strongly urge you to educate ourselves and the people around us about the existence of Non-Dairy Whip topping.

Why can’t we use our age-old Butter for creaming? We are Bakers hence educating our client becomes of paramount importance.

Feed your kids healthy, help them to grow stronger, wiser and healthier. Get into the habit of reading the labels, you have to know what ingredients and products you are feeding your family!

Wiser you!!! Wiser the next Generation.

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