Chocolate Bundt Cake (Rs 1000/kg)

  • Fine-grained, high-rising, and tender, this moist and decadent chocolate cake is simplicity at its best. Baked in a Bundt pan for a touch of elegance and glazed with creamy Callebaut coverture chocolate sauce, this cake is best served with fresh berries, whipped cream or ice cream, or just a simple chocolate sauce.

    Little History on why these Cake wares were called "Bundt Pans"

    It was in 1946 that a young engineer, H. David Dalquist Sr., returned to Minneapolis from his World War II naval duties and with his brother started a small company, Northland Aluminum Products, in the family basement to cast-aluminium into industrial products. As he developed his expertise in aluminium casting, he began to branch out into a few consumer products, including cake pans that he sold by mail order through advertisements in decorating magazines. One day in about 1949, Dalquist, now 78, recalls, a trio of "very nice ladies" from the local Hadassah chapter of Minneapolis approached him. They described a handmade ceramic baking mould that the chapter's president had inherited from her European grandmother. It was used, they said, to make Bundkuchens, party or "gathering" cakes, and was round and scrolled and, like several other traditional European baking pans, had a tube running up the centre of the mould the batter to bake big, dense cakes. Could he possibly make them such a thing in metal? He could and he did, in heavy cast aluminium. Hadassah was pleased with the eight-lobed fluted mould and so was Dalquist, who added it to his "Nordic Ware" line of bakeware. He had a lot of faith in his elegant pan and decided to trademark it. But he couldn't trademark the common German noun Bund, so he added the "t." "Fluted tube pan," Dalquist says, "is the generic name for such a pan." And even though some companies, particularly European manufacturers, still call some of their wares "bund" cake pans, legally only Nordic Ware is permitted to advertise and label its pans as Bundts

    Minimum order: 1 kg.

    Orders to be placed 48 hours in advance, as we bake everything fresh.

    We use Best of Raw ingredients ( free from Pesticides, insecticides and other harmful fillers used during cultivation), giving a lot of emphasis in promoting local Organic & Natural produce as much as possible. Apart from that, we do not use any preservative, chemicals, gels of any kind in our finished Bakes.

    This is our ONLY Secret for all that is baked out of our Kitchen, apart from the fact that it is made with 100% Love.

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