Unicorn Birthday Cake (Min 1 Kg - Rs 2000/Kg)

  • “Everything is better with a unicorn.

    Make your Childs Birthday special with our Delicious Unicorn cake. Sponges can be made with Chocolate or Vanilla, filled and frosted with Butter Cream and Fondant accent.

    The picture is for reference only. We will be using only plant based edible colours for our little clients. Edible colors available are Orange derived from Bell Peppers, Yellow derived from Marigold or Turmeric, Green derived from Spinach, Burgundy derived from Beets.


    Minimum Order - 1kg

    Rs 2000/Kg - For Buttercream Cake with Fondant Accent

    Rs 2500/Kg - For Complete Fondant covered cake.

    Orders to be placed 48 hours in advance, as we bake everything fresh.

    We use Best of Raw ingredients ( free from Pesticides, insecticides and other harmful fillers used during cultivation), giving a lot of emphasis in promoting local Organic & Natural produce as much as possible. Apart from that, we do not use any preservative, chemicals, gels of any kind in our finished Bakes.

    This is our ONLY Secret for all that is baked out of our Kitchen, apart from the fact that it is made with 100% Love.

    Delivery at Actuals throughout Bangalore + GST


  • whatsapp @997268330 to place your Order.